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Gustavo Gavagan is the former emperor of the Gustavian Empire and former mayor of Bullyville. He is a master manipulator who orchestrated many, if not all, bully activities throughout Season 1. Sometime before 2014, Gustavo was elected mayor of Bullyville. He founded a group called the Omega Busters, but later dissolved it. Unbeknownst to the population of Bullyville, he did this because the Omega Busters were too difficult for him to manipulate. He sent them all into hiding, and only one known Omega Buster remains: Backgroundius. (Read more...)

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The Buster rebellion was a rebellion which was started by the Bully Busters immediately after the events of the Ten months. The rebellion was ignited spontaneously and continued as a smaller scale, slow moving conflict between 2019 and 2060 (when full-scale battles began anew). (Read more...)

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